Sustainable development and environmentally friendly ethos

  • Respect for the environment and natural resources
  • Processing the products of human activity to restore the environment to its original condition
  • Concerned with enabling the harmonious development of human activities, as well as the personal and professional development of the employees and the company.

Client focus

  • Careful monitoring of the legal environment governing its field of expertise
  • Careful monitoring of the expectations and needs of clients
  • Being attentive to clients and ensuring their comfort with minimal disruption

Ethical commitment

  • Strict observance of federal, cantonal, regional and municipal laws, regulations and standards


  • Implementation of responsible management solutions for natural resources and environmentally friendly and economical processing of the products of human activity

Clients and internal suppliers

  • Interfacing and sharing of resources and skills, and the free and flexible exchange of information exchange and services between partners


  • Availability and quality of products and/or services


  • Enhancing products and/or services
  • Maintenance of the works and equipment (maintaining the value of the production tool)