Our system is designed for hot water, cold water and circulation pipes, wastewater networks, rainwater run-offs, swimming pool installations, gas pipelines, heating infrastructures and coils, industrial piping and so on.

No need to break pipes with Solu'Tubes! Sanitise !
No more holes in walls, ripped out pipes, dirt and prolonged inconvenience. Solu'Tubes offers you a solution without soiling or major works. Quick, economical, environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

How it works

1. Diagnosis
The visible symptoms of rusted pipes are discoloured water, low pressure and a weak flow. At your request, we will come and inspect the condition of the pipes and provide a free and non-binding quote.

2. Intervention
The Solu'Tubes team arrives at your premises in a lorry with a coupled compressor.

3. Installation of the ASR system
After dismantling the fittings, the system (compressor and vacuum cleaner) is installed. The surrounding area is protected. The sanitising process can begin.

4. Sandblasting
Sand is injected under high air pressure, leaving the inside of the pipes perfectly smooth and removing the built-up rust. The waste and dust are recovered in the vacuum cleaner and disposed of.

5. Resin protection
A coating (BPA-free) is injected onto the inner walls of the pipes. It provides optimal protection against future corrosion while guaranteeing high-quality drinking water.

This coating meets the current requirements for drinking water.

6. After reinstalling the fittings, the pipes are repressurised and inspected. Your installation is clean and secure.